When I receive personal information that needs to be passed on, I will post it here.

From Pat Scrivener, wife of Richard Scrivener.  Richard  had a massive stroke on July 2nd and died on July 4th.

May he rest in peace.


From Randy McGriff, son of John Dale McGriff, Radioman on Hopewell at end of WWII:

My name is Randy McGriff, son of John Dale McGriff who served on the Hopewell. My Dad was a radio man who listened to Morse Code and typed out the messages with his feet curled under the desk to keep from rolling away as the ship pitched and swayed. Dad graduated from Lakeville High School in 1944, Lakeville, Indiana.
He joined the Navy, went to Great Lakes for training. Dad said the war was over by the time he was done with training. He did say the ship sat in Tokyo Bay for over a month and they were never allowed off the ship.
Dad often spoke of the apricot pie and powdered eggs. He was so glad for the rare cherry pie.

Dad mustered out on 10/30/45 and returned to Lakeville where he lived most of his life. He did live for a short time in South Bend. He died on 2/2494 in LaPorte, IN at my house. Mom died the previous August. They had 3 kids, me, daughter, Kathy and son, Kevin.

I don't know if this information is of value and I have no idea if anyone from the ship during Dad's tenure aboard is still alive. i can provide a couple pictures should that be desired.

Randy McGriff
La Porte, IN


Just received from Jackie Horton:

Sorry Ed my husband Walter G Horton passed away on the 20th of Nov. He was on the Hopewell from 1956 to 1959. Jackie